What Did You Expect is a place where people can gain insight on the truth about the portrayal of law enforcement based on their collective 57 years of experience as federal agents.


Chris Bayless is a retired ATF Special Agent with 30-years of law enforcement experience, specializing in and awarded for his advanced undercover work. He has conducted hundreds of undercover operations infiltrating motorcycle gangs, white supremacist groups, organized crime types, street gangs, and stash house robbery crews. His work took him to the highest crime-ridden cities throughout the country to arrest and convict the most violent criminals. Chris teaches undercover tactics and techniques at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, GA. Chris is sought out by state, local, federal and international agencies, as well as a variety of media outlets, for his insights on violent crime.

Tina Sherrow Bayless is a retired ATF Special Agent with 27-years of law enforcement experience, specializing in and awarded for her work in the area of arson and explosives investigation. As an ATF Certified Explosives Specialist (CES), Bomb Technician and member of ATF’s National Response Team (NRT), she worked in partnership with state, local and federal agencies on high-profile arson and explosives incidents across the country to include serial bombings, post-blast investigations, large-scale explosives disposal operations and National Special Security Events (NSSE) ranging from political conventions to professional sporting events. Tina has taught explosives-related range operations and classes for federal, state, local, military, international and civic organizations, and instructs first responders in the greater Chicagoland. She is often cited by and appears on a variety of media outlets for her technical expertise in explosives investigation.